Monday, February 15, 2010

The First Bad Review.....

In our house, it is a tradition to have taco night on Valentine's Day. A meal that everyone in our house loves! SO... Saturday afternoon, I went shopping for all the ingredients I needed for a successful taco night. I picked up a pack of Pinata brand flour tortillas. I have used them in the past and been very happy. This time... not so happy!

As DH and I tried to roll our soft tacos, the entire flour tortilla fell apart. Not just for one of us, BOTH OF US! So, we both dumped the contents into another tortilla and tried again. NO LUCK! It all fell apart AGAIN! I gave up. I made a salad and considered it a loss. DH tried to use his anyway and ended up with a not so happy Valentine's meal.

Did I get a bad batch? Did this company change their process and it is not a good change? I went to the website... Mexican Food Frozen Mexican Foods and wrote to them about this issue. I will keep you posted on what they have to say about it. At this point, I would not suggest you trying this product.

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