Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Yard Sale Advertising.....

We are having a Yard Sale this Saturday. Now, I could just rely on a sign like the one above to try to drive some customers in. Nope, I decided to advertise with to bring in more customers than ever before. It is simple to do and free for a limited time!

One thing I loved about writing the ad for is there is no limit to the words you can use. You can even post pictures!!

Looking to shop a few yard sales? Check out for all the yard sales in your area!

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Central PA Family Fun Mom said...

Good luck. We took part in a community yard sale a few weeks ago and we didn't get as much traffic as I expected. I thought more people would be shopping yard sales in this economy. We were the only sale on our street so that hurt us - people did not want to get out of their cars for one sale.

They started a weekly flea market at the park and I went and there were only 4 people selling junk.

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