Monday, May 4, 2009

Sinupret Syrup for Kids Review.....

I received a bottle of Sinupret Syrup for Kids to sample along with a small teddy bear for the kids. Sinupret Syrup for Kids is a natural plant -based product. It promotes healthy drainage in the upper respiratory tract, improves airflow in the nose and supports healthy mucous clearance from the nose and sinuses. Since I have a child who can not take over the counter cold medicine, I am always looking for a natural product that will help relieve some of his symptoms. I had not had much luck so far.

Last week my son had some signs of cold/allergy/asthma issues. SO... I gave this product a shot. Let me tell you... I Love It!!! He no longer show any signs of last weeks cold issues. This is a product that will always be stocked at my house! His dosage was very small but boy did this stuff work!! I would highly suggest trying this.

For those with small children, this would be great for a cold since the academy of pediatrics no longer advises giving cold medicine to young children.

You can go here.... Welcome to Bionorica® to get more technical info. Also if you use coupon code Sinupret09, you can get $4.00 off a 3.38 oz bottle.

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